Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program

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Our Mission

MCHPP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide hungry people with access to healthy food, work to improve the quality of their lives by partnering with others, and serve them in a manner that recognizes their dignity.

Our Vision

We provide food to all in need in the area we serve. We have the resources and financial stability to meet current and future demand.

Growing our services to meet the demand

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MCHPP Press Conference Press Coverage

If you weren’t able to attend our press conference yesterday announcing the public phase of our capital campaign, we were fortunate to have many members of the media there to provide coverage of the event. Here is a sampling of some of the coverage. WGME Story 1... read more

MCHPP Launches the Public Phase of our Capital Campaign

This morning we held a press conference to announce the public phase of a $500,000 capital campaign. “Thirteen years ago this building was built by the founders of this organization and the entire community. Since 2003, we have seen an 80% increase in the number... read more

Weekly Glance

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“The teachers know better than to give a test on Monday morning. That’s a profound and disturbing observation, because it talks about performance, it talks about school, it talks about education, and we all know that education is the key to getting out of poverty. If you’re hobbled by hunger, it won’t work.” (Speaking about the backpack program)

Angus King

U.S. Senator

“I am always treated with respect and kindness”


Food Pantry Client

“The students have expressed gratitude – there are sometimes conflicts over food at their homes and they’ve expressed the power of stress reduction of not fighting with parents or guardians when they want more food than is available.”


Backpack Teacher