MCHPP Soup Kitchen

Providing access to a nutritious lunch, six days a week, free and open to the public
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About The Soup Kitchen…

The Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program Soup Kitchen serves a healthy, hot lunch every weekday and Saturday in our dining room. The meal is open to the public and all are welcome, no questions asked!

About eleven volunteers run the kitchen and serve the meals. Food is prepared by a dedicated team of cooks, and the food is delicious! Volunteers serve the food to guests restaurant-style, offering a variety of beverages, salads, desserts and a balanced main dish.

We serve an average of 150 meals per service day and have seen steady growth in our services over the history of our organization. The Soup Kitchen is open Monday – Saturday from 11am – 12:30pm.

“It’s pretty good. Tastes pretty good, too.”

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