The Food Security Coalition of Mid Coast Maine

We provide consultation, resource assistance, and networking opportunities to volunteer pantries in greater Mid Coast Maine.


The Food Security Coalition (FSC) comprises representatives from more than 25 food pantries, soup kitchens, farms, and other community organizations committed to addressing food insecurity in the Mid Coast region. By working together, the FSC seeks to identify ways to source food, fundraise, improve services, support the community, and increase their volunteer base. If you have questions or want to join the Food Security Coalition’s email list, please email Heather.

FSC Member Pantries and Soup Kitchens

The members of the Food Security Coalition are:

Garden Seed Project

Thanks to the extremely generous support of Fedco SeedsBotanical InterestsGrowing to Give, and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Program, seed packets are distributed to pantries in the Food Security Coalition for households to grow their own gardens. See Garden Resources for more info on how to grow a garden.