MCHPP Food Pantry

Providing a variety of perishable and non-perishable food to help supplement client’s monthly needs through a drive-through or walk-up Pantry.


The Food Pantry provides food items to individuals and families. We offer fresh fruits and vegetables, personal care items, canned goods, bread, pastries, and meat. Last year over 1000 households were served in the Food Pantry. In Brunswick alone, about 1 in 10 persons visited our pantry in 2018.

Due to the pandemic MCHPP is currently operating a drive-through Pantry. Guests should pull up in their car and open the trunk, volunteers will put food directly into the vehicle. If you do not have access to a vehicle, MCHPP will serve walk-ups at the front door. Guests are able to visit the pantry on behalf of friends, family members, or others in the community and to come as frequently as necessary to meet nutritional needs.

Our drive-through Pantry is opening Tuesday 11am-2pm and 4pm-6pm, Wednesday 11am-2pm, Friday 11am-2pm, and Saturday 12pm-3pm.

Food Pantry Door
Is there a brochure of info available?

Yes. You can get a copy of our current Food Pantry New Client Brochure here.

What are the eligibility requirements of the Food Pantry?
  • Anyone is welcome to utilize our pantry. However, if you live outside of Mid Coast Maine you can call the United Way (dial 211) to find a pantry closer to you. 
  • Your household’s nutritional needs are not being met due to an emergency situation or as demonstrated by your household’s established eligibility in one of the following:
    • LIHEAP
    • TANF
    • SSI
    • Medicaid
    • Elderly Low Cost Drug Program
    • Elderly Tax and Rent Refund
    • SNAP(formerly food stamps)

Please note, we do not require proof of income or address. 

Safely visiting MCHPP’s Pantry during the pandemic
  • We are currently conducting a drive-through, limited contact pantry. Guests should pull up to the stop sign and open their trunks for volunteers to load up their vehicle. 
  • If your trunk is full or cannot be opened, you will be given a cart and asked to load your vehicle independently. MCHPP volunteers and staff are not allowed to give food directly to a person visiting the pantry or put food in the front or back seat of a vehicle.
  • If you walk to MCHPP, ring our doorbell and we will get you a cart of food that you can load yourself for the trip home. 
  • MCHPP makes all of the boxes of dry goods and produce bags in advance. Aside from declining food items like meat, dairy, or eggs, this means no choice for guests. If you have dietary restrictions or needs, consider visiting the Pantry after the first hour. We may be able to grab some specialized food items for you or your family. 
  • Please let the volunteers know if you need diapers or baby food.
To keep in mind
  • Due to the high need for food at this time, MCHPP has waived its 14-day visit rule. Guests are allowed to visit our pantry whenever they need additional food. 
  • If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please let the volunteers know. Additionally, we encourage you to visit the Pantry after the first hour so volunteers can spend time creating boxes appropriate for your dietary needs.
  • There are plenty of other services we provide, such as mobile pantries, that you can also utilize.
  • During the month of November, MCHPP offers Thanksgiving bags to everyone visiting the Pantry. Families will receive a bag of Thanksgiving food items as well as a $10 Hannaford gift card to purchase a protein.
Most importantly
Our mission is to help you. If you’re wondering about our services, have questions, or feel that there are ways for us to better meet your needs, just ask. Chances are we’re able to help get you what you need, either on-site or by providing a referral.
Food Pantry Crates
Food Pantry Crates