Hosting a food drive

We appreciate your efforts to hold a food drive on behalf of our agency. We ask that you use the following guidelines:

We have a Winter Essentials virtual food drive available here if you want to give food remotely during the pandemic


  • Please email or call (207-725-2716  x309) our Food Bank Coordinator, Ryan Ravenscroft, if you are planning a food drive. It helps us to know your start and end dates and when you plan to deliver the food or if you need us to pick up your donations.
  • We would prefer you use banana boxes which will be provided by our agency. They are “user friendly” (they have handles, stack well, and are strong). Please arrange to pick up the boxes before you begin or we will be happy to deliver the boxes to you.
  • It would be most appreciated if you could sort and date check your food drive items. (i.e. all tomato products together, all canned soups together, veggies together, etc.) We will be happy to provide labels for the boxes.
  • We will provide you with a “Wish List”. The items on the list are of high priority because we distribute them to our client community every week. Any of these items will be appreciated. However, we certainly will welcome any and all donations.
  • All Food Drive items must be non-perishable items.