Our Story

MCHPP served its first meal in 1983 out of the basement of a local church. Over the next few decades, the support of MCHPP grew and the client base continued to increase. In February of 1995 we received our 501(c)(3) status, and in 2003 we built our current facility. Over the years we have added programs and increased service hours to continue meeting the growing need we have seen in the community. We now offer nine different programs out of our building in Brunswick, some of which have satellite locations throughout the mid coast region.

Our Staff

Henry Haley


Our Board

Jennifer Ryan


Fred Horch

Nina Weyl

Marie Barbieri

Nancy Lowell-Cunningham


James Ford

Alan Carter

Hugh Judge

Darcy Baggett


Robert Beaumont

Mia Baker

Walter J. Frank

Andre Duchette

Stephanie Hubbard

Patty Feldman